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How to book a room?

To begin, select the destination (city) of your trip. Enter it into the search box at the home page. In this field, you can type the name of the hotel. Then choose the planned date. If you do not choose dates, default is "from today to tomorrow". Click "Search" and choose the hotel according to the criteria of price, stars, and accommodation conditions. Next, choose the room(s), step by step fill out a form. Within a few hours you will receive the booking confirmation by email that you provided and/or get a call from the manager.

What is included in the price?

The price includes accommodation in the selected room at the selected time period. Description of services this number can be read directly in the "room type", information on shared facilities can be found in the "hotel facilities" respectively.

Is pricing based on a room or on a quantity of occupants?

On room.

How do I know if my booking is confirmed?

Within a few hours after booking on-line you will have your booking confirmation to e-mail, which you indicated and / or receive an incoming call from the manager.

I have not received a booking confirmation, what should I do?

If you have not received a booking confirmation, you might have made a mistake in the email address in the process of filling the application. Please contact us on the telephone NNN or write to us at email @@, and we will solve this misunderstanding.

How can I cancel the booking?

Cancellation of a reservation is in the hotel description in paragraph "Cancellation/Prepayment". Each of the hotel's terms of cancellation may vary from each other. Please review them before you book your room (s).

Is it possible to change the booking?

If you want to add a day or room number to the application, please make a second reservation for an additional day or for an additional room. For all other changes to the booking, you have two options: Contact the hotel (contact information can be found in your confirmation email) or cancel the old order and make a new one that will include these changes. Check the cancellation policy specific to this in advance in the "Cancellation/Prepayment", or in the confirmation You received on your email. Please don't forget to cancel the previous reservation, before you make a new.

How can I get more information about the hotel?

If you have a booking confirmation and you would like to obtain more information on the hotel (time of arrival and departure, Breakfast prices, how to reach), we recommend that You ask for information directly to the hotel (email address and phone number on Your booking confirmation).

How do I know the contact phone number of the hotel?

It is available only after booking. The booking confirmation on e-mail comes also and contact phone number of the hotel. We carefully monitor the information about the hotel was comprehensive without a call at the time of deciding to book a hotel room or not.

Can I get a discount on accommodation?

Our website allows you to book a room in hotel for free at the best market price in real time. We are not able to offer lower prices than specified on our website.

Why do I fill my name twice?

For the first time entered the name and surname of the person who books a room. The second time name is entered of the person for which the room is booked. If you book a room for yourself, you will accordingly make your name twice.

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