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About company

On-line booking service.

Low price guarantee

Having studied the market, we do not take commission from properties for booking through our service.

Always fresh and up to date information about properties

We thoroughly examine everything to make sure that the information about the property always meets reality.

More than 15 years of experience

Our specialists have over 15 years experience in providing tourist services.

Our team

Our team consists of professionals in the hospitality industry, marketers, Internet industry, IT-developers.

Our task

To offer you a quick, convenient, accurate, guaranteed way of your reservations. Propose you the number that best suits your needs. Suggest you operative assistance and constant attention.

Relationship with customers

Before, during and after the booking we are always at your disposal. Always happy to assist you in any questions and provide additional information we have. After your stay, we will send you an e-mail questionnaire to evaluate the quality of the hotel services. This will improve the service at the hotel for you in the future for other guestbe.com users. Also, always happy to hear suggestions about the work of our service.

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